We are always with our farmers!

We Produce All the Fertilizer Types You Need in Our High Capacity Production Facility!

We prepare and package our products for you, our valued customers, untouched by human hands.

We work according to internationally accepted and approved standards.

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Different Product


Customized Product

We obtain solutions that meet the specific needs of your industry

With our family growing day by day
We work 24*7 to meet the demands of our customers!

We experience the happiness of developing and obtaining specific products needed in Turkey and around the world, and we provide them to our farmers!


With our expert staff in the Fertilization and Research and Development departments, our preliminary laboratory and accredited contracted laboratories, we carry our most advanced fertilizer and other category products to the most effective content.

Quality control

The analysis value and physical conditions of each batch of our products are meticulously checked. Our fertilizers are packaged with care and our packages are prepared in line with quality standards.


We carefully monitor and manage all stages of our products requested by our customers, from the delivery process to the delivery process. We strive to make logistics processes easier and more economical. In this way, we aim to ensure that our products reach our customers on time and at the most affordable cost.

Industry 4.0

We optimize all the natural resources required for agriculture to achieve maximum efficiency. Through the use of carefully selected raw materials and additives, as well as innovative formulations, we foster exceptional growth in plants during the production stage.

After sales services

During the delivery of our products to customers and field inspections, our expert agricultural engineers observe and provide inspections. In this way, the results obtained are transmitted directly to us and the aim is to carry out the processes correctly and effectively.

Production capacity

Our production capacity easily meets Turkish and world demand. We develop our production park every year in accordance with the latest technology. Our annual production capacity is in liquid groups (13,000 Tons) and Powder groups (17,000 Tons).

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